The Services - International Studies

The customers of VALID RESEARCH operate internationally. We adapted to these circumstances. And also co-ordinate international studies since the early 90´s. Or we operate with our own foreign interviewers.

Our international activities have increased strongly, especially in the last two years.

Here our full-service also takes effect: from the questionnaire, the translations to the presentation we take care of the whole working cycle, without bothering our customers.

We know our foreign partners well. They are all connected by a similar structure that VALID RESEARCH itself has. And a continious co-operation.

If our foreign partners have no pen-computers available, which we use for a lot of our projects, we will send them there overnight.

There is no obvious difference for our customers, whether they instruct us with surveys in Munich, Hamburg, London, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Warsaw or Naples.

Our computers have been in Italy, Hungary, Great Britain, Austria, Poland, Spain and Turkey. We receive the surveyed data one day after completion of the survey via e-mail and can pass the results immediately to our customers.