Study Highlights

Here we want to show you some examples of the interesting projects of VALID RESEARCH:

  • Carrying-out of 65.000 P.O.S. interviews inside four weeks - where the interviews were done on four days and the evyluation was supplied two days after field completion (the survey was naturally carried out with mobile pen-computers).

  • Interviews by phone (about 10 min.) of about 11.000 business-clients (b-t-b-survey); Fieldtime: 3 weeks, evaluation-supply one day after field completion. This study has been running several years.

  • 200.00 calls per year to establish buyers of certain product groups.

  • Recruitment of target persons (business-clients) who will fill out a 60-page-questionnaire and send it back to us. Thanks to a successful, economically fovourable incentive-solution we have a return-rate of 70%.