The Services - The Fieldwork

VALID RESEARCH yearly carries out several hundred surveys with 100.000 to 200.000 interviews. This can only be managed with a very good team of interviewers.

A dense net of interviewers

With about 1.500 interviewers, all over Germany, we have a very dense net, which makes efficient studies possible.

Trained interviewers

We´ll never let untrained interviewers work for VALID RESEARCH, They have to fulfill a responsible task and will usually have expensive equipment (pen-computer-system) at their disposal.

It is evident, that written and personal training is necessary. VALID RESEARCH will support newcommers through supervisors or very experienced interviewers. Our field density and the outstanding use of field capacity make economically sensible solutions possible.

Well-groomed interviewers

The interviewers of VALID RESEARCH more often than not do surveys in the outlets of our customers; in department-stores, supermarkets, perfumeries and drug-stores, in DIY and Cash&Carry markets. In Fast-Food-stores, shopping centres and bank-branches.

We take care, that the image of our customers is protected.


A lot of our studies in trading (POS-Surveys) are fixed to certain week days and partially bound to questions of an exactly timing. Constant communication with our interviewers makes sure that the demands can bet met.

The supervisors

Our interviewers and espacially our supervisors are not only trained to use the equipment and the questionnaires correctly, but also know how to manage the small problems of everyday fieldwork.


During the fieldwork (CAPI-surveys) we already test the performance of the interviewers. Not only the number of achieved interviews, but also their quality. The computer-technique makes this possible.

The mobile computer saves the data and time of every interview, even every question. Manipulation is impossible.

At household- and business-to-business surveys written controlling (up to 70% returned) is the norm. We control 50% of all interviews at random.

Supply of findings

The carrying out of computer-assisted surveys means that data entry (keypunching) is unnecessary. VALID RESEARCH can have the data transfered by modem (if it is needed quickly) or after the survey has been concluded. Out of this data we can produce the final tables in a matter of hours

If the paper-pencil-interview seems suitable for the project: VALID RESEARCH has an efficient coding-and-data entry-department.

Data Security

VALID RESEARCH gets the surveyed data by CAPI-system twice: First on the computer hard disk and also on a SRAM-memory card, which is sent seperately. We never lost data.