The Equipment

About 7 kms cable net the ca. 80 PCs, the laser and colour laser-printers and the computer of the telephone facility at VALID RESEARCH.

Combined with a highly modern ISDN-installation VALID RESEARCH keeps in contact with the world.

The employees of VALID RESEARCH master the technique. To the advantage of our customers.

VALID RESEARCH doesn´t only use the modern equipment inside the building. We supply our interviewers adequately. They recieve the mobile computers (CAPI) from us.

At P.O.S. surveys we don´t want to find our interviewers through public announcements. We give them mobile phones. So they communicate fast and uncomplicated with the fieldmanagement during the survey.

When we know, that every hour counts in the evaluation supply, we´ll give the interviewer a modem. That way we can get the data directly via phone line. Or change the questionnaire if it seems wise. During the field work!

EDP-professionals work for VALID RESEARCH, that master not only the market research software. They also write useful programs for internal use. That way everything is dealt with at low cost and uncomplicated.

E.g. the interviewer database: it doesn´t only record the masterdata of the person but also their missions. It has an interface to the account department and produces disks for the bank to pay the interviewers.

Our applications are useful for the selection of random samples, and the surveillance of projects, the control of interviewers and costing.