Our Philosophy

We measure our success by the satisfaction of our customers.

I. Quality:
We comprehend ourselves as a full-service agency, whose task it is to give valid data for decision-making to the commissioning companies.
Here, making sure of quality playing a vital part. Our business-contracts exist over years, because we supply good quality.
We have found the way that also guarantees good fieldwork. Equipment, psychology, good communication, training and an extraordinary fee-system play an important role.

II. Reliability:
We make our customers´ concern our concern. We know of the companies internal neccesseties. We know, what we can promise. And we will keep it.
We deliver fast and punctual. With service performances. Without extra-costs.

III. Trust:
Our customers trust us. We trust the customers. This is why market research is a handshake-business to us. With direct communication and prompt means of decision-making. One knows the project to be in good hands.
Our customers recommend us to others.

IV. Commitment:
The VALID RESEARCH team has fun doing market research. That is how we achieve convincing results.

V. Equipment:
We are proud to say, that we are one of the first agencies to use the pen-computer-technology. We are proud of our equipment and our software. Alway brand new features. And we always have new ideas, which we are quick to realize. To surprise our customers with better and better solutions.

VI. Competitive Prices:
Our prices are in accordance with our expenses. And here we are keen on economy. We use innovative technology to boost our productivity. Our customers appreciate this.