The CAPI System

Our highly efficient pen-computers are as light as a feather and easy to use. In spite of their small dimensions of an A4 page and only 1.4 kg in weight they work up to four hours with a heavy duty storage battery. Supplied with a second storage battery and a charging device our interviewers are totally mobile. In contrast to laptops we don´t need keyboards, as we use the very modern pen-technology.

It is our standard to process the data after the survey with the statistic-packet SPSS® and that way we produce completed tables with designs to your wishes in avery short time.

Of course we can give the data to other programs, such as MS-EXCEL® or dBase® or visualize it (even coloured) in presentation software as COREL DRAW® or MS-POWER POINT®.

VALID RESEARCH even realizes complex questionnaires control systems.

Unnumbered questionnaire control systems leave no wish unfulfilled. With paper-pencil-interviews you can get instrument effects. We minimized this possible influence source onto the data by rotation of the items and / or whole blocks of questions.

Controlled random samples allows us present blocks of questions to a defined, reduced interviewee group only.

A picture can say more than a thousand words. Our programmers convent pictures graphically and fit them into the pen-questionnaires.

VALID RESEARCH integrates whole databases into the pen-questionnaire. So the question for the plac of residence is no lucky game anymore. The interviewer just puts in the postcode and then gets a list of possible places of residence on his screen.

The questionnaire for the pen-computer is also transparent for our customers. If you wish, we will send you a print-out of the questionnaire and / or a graphic diagramm of the internal control via fax, E-mail or mail.