The Services - The Call Center

Quality is spelled in big letters in the call center.

VALID RESEARCH asks questions...

"Hello, my name is ... from the VR telephone survey in Bielefeld. At the moment we are carrying out..."

This sentence goes over the lips of or interviewers several hundredthousand times a year.

  • 60 computer-assisted, CATI-workstations in a network
  • Cabins make it possible for our interviewers to speak freely and at a muffled noise level
  • Headsets with highly sensitive microphones ensure a pleasant conversation atmosphere

  • Fast digital connections cut short waiting time
  • Address-managing-systems (appointments, representation, etc.)
  • The number of recalling can be regulated, this way the exhaustion of the sample will be maximized
  • Automatic random sample- and quote-controlling
  • Results from numeric questions are always online on call - they can be transmitted to customers via e-mail

  • Thorough interviewer training
  • Control of interviewer activity (monitoring)
  • Continuous performance control
  • Supervision (3 supervisors)
  • Storage of target mumbers to control interviewer-activity / running cost control
  • Integrated interviewer-job-costing-system

  • Preperation of the presentation-tables during the survey
  • Result supply one to two days after finalisation of the telephone survey