The Services - The Analysis

For the processing of the surveyed data VALID RESEARCH has various tools at its disposal.

An expierenced and highly efficient coding- and data-entry-team know how to handle paper-pencil-interviews as well as the coding of the computer-assisted-personal / telephone-interviews.

You need a lot of experience to device sensible codesheets and to subsummarize the answers correctly.

With the computer assisted coding VALID RESEARCH works about ten times faster compared to the paper-questionnaire. And has features to ensure quality. The code work is mechanically screened by scope and through fast display of content.

The further analysis of the data is done with the aid of - in particular - the statistic packet SPSS®. There are experts working at VALID RESEARCH who are able to program complex scripts for the demanding evaluation control for hundreds of tables for one project.

Obviously we also have the multivariate analysis-methods at our disposal.

Together with the outcome analysis of the contents the professional conversion into charts and comments on findings is achived.